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Junk Removal Services from Happy Junk Removal

Happy Junk Removal can haul away just about any items, of course, with the exception of hazardous materials. Items such as appliances, computers, construction materials, furniture, renovation waste, yard debris, and more are taken off your hands by our professionals. We also remove heavy material (dirt, concrete, sand, etc). We then safely dump or recycle these items with our environmentally friendly process. Rates are based on the volume and weight of your entire load.

We can haul away that old refrigerator in your storage or even clean out the entire garage so you can go back to parking your car in it! No job is too big or too small for Happy Junk Removal!

Happy Junk Removal promises to keep your commercial business or your residential home looking great and tasteful. Don’t waste money on UGLY roll away dumpsters if you don’t have to. We can save you time and money while keeping your community feeling and looking  junk free!

Happy Junk Removal can help with:

  • Bulk Debris Trash Removal
  • Tenant Abandonment
  • Clean-up of Loading Docks and Dumpster area
  • Environmentally Sound Disposal of your Junk
  • Annual Bulk Trash and Recycling Day for Neighborhoods


Happy Junk Removal also offers:

  • Concert and Sporting Event Clean-up
  • High Power Pressure Washing Services
  • Parking Lot and Street Sweeping Services
  • Friendly and Courteous Professionals on staff

Happy Junk Removal Offers Commercial Dumpster Pad Maintenance.

Often unwanted mattresses, sofas, and appliances are left near dumpsters.  We offer pickup/cleanup services.  We will haul away most items that are left on or near your dumpster.  We can also power wash around the pad as needed.

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